Passport Services

Planning a trip outside the U.S.? You can apply for a new passport and get a passport photo at any of the following branches:

Application and Photo Service Hours

  • Monday through Thursday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. By appointment only, please contact the branch.
  • Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. By appointment only, please contact the branch.

What to Bring

Here's a list of what you need to bring with you to the library to process your application.

  • The applicant, regardless of age, must appear in person. If a group of family members are submitting applications together, all members must be present before applications are accepted.
    • Applicants ages 15 and under must be accompanied by parent(s) presenting proof of relationship to the minor child, such as a birth certificate or adoption papers. The person listed as the child’s parent must appear. If two parents are listed, one parent may appear with a notarized consent Form DS-3053 (PDF) and a photocopy of both sides of the non-appearing parent’s ID.
    • Applicants ages 16 and 17: Either a parent must appear with you in person when you apply for your passport or you can present a signed statement from a parent accompanied by a photocopy of that parent’s ID consenting to issuance of a passport.
  • A completed application Form DS-11 (PDF). The form must be completed in black ink. Please do not sign the form.
  • Check or money order for U.S. Department of State fees. A separate check or money order is required for each application being submitted.
  • Proof of Identity
    • Valid driver’s license
    • State ID card
    • Military ID
    • Passport       
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship (original document required; photocopies not accepted)
    • Government-issued U.S. birth certificate featuring parent names, an official seal and signature
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Previously issued U.S. passport 
  • One 2- by 2-inch color passport photo with a white background. Photos are available at the library’s passport center for an additional $15. This fee must be paid separately and should not be included in the check or money order for the State Department fee that accompanies Form DS-11.

  • If you have a passport under a different name, please bring documentation to support the name change, such as a marriage certificate.
  • For customers requesting hand carry service, a letter of authorization and an itinerary are required.
  • For children deriving citizenship through parent(s), the parent’s naturalization certificate, child’s permanent resident card and child’s birth certificate are required. If the birth certificate is not in English, a certified English translation is required.


Both State Department and library fees apply and need to be paid for separately.

Fees vary depending on the type of passport you need. Department of State passport fees are payable by check or money order only. A separate check or money order, made payable to the Department of State, is required for each application.




Estimated Processing Time2

Passport book


16 and over


6-8 weeks

15 and under


6-8 weeks

Expedited passport book


16 and over

$170 ($110 + $60 for expedited fee)

2-3 weeks

15 and under

$140 ($80 + $60 fee for expedited service)

2-3 weeks

Passport card


16 and over


6-8 weeks

15 and under


6-8 weeks

Expedited passport card


16 and over

$90 ($30 + $60 fee for expedited service)

2-3 weeks

15 and under

$75 ($15 + $60 fee for expedited service)

2-3 weeks

1For 1 - 2 day delivery, add $17.56 to the total cost.

2Processing time may vary. Check the status of your application for actual processing time.

Library passport fees may be paid with cash, all major credit cards, money order or check made payable to Baltimore County Public Library.

  • $35 for each passport application submitted
  • $15 for each photo needed

Just Renewing?

The Baltimore County Public Library does not accept or process passport renewal applications (Form DS-82). However, the library does provide passport photo service for customers who are planning to submit renewal applications.

If you are eligible to use Form DS-82, apply online or download the form and mail it to the National Passport Processing Center as instructed on the form. Note: Children whose passports have expired do not qualify for renewal. Instead they must appear with both parents, their previous passport and birth certificate.

Traveling in Two Weeks or Less?

If you are planning to travel within two weeks, you need to apply for a passport in person by appointment at a U.S. Passport Agency or Center, the nearest of which are located in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Expedite fees apply. Call 877-487-2778 for an appointment.