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BCPL has partnered with Recorded Books and Zinio to offer a service which allows you to download and read free magazines on your computer or wifi connected tablet computer/smart device. The first time that you use this service, you will need to set up a library Zinio account as well as an account on Zinio's website.  You can also print out our Zinio Tip Sheet [PDF] for easy portable instructions or watch our informative podcast.

Zinio from Recorded Books

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Step 1: Create or login to your BCPL Zinio account


Click on the button above and then use the links in the upper righthand corner to create or login to an existing a BCPL Zinio account.


Step 2: Get magazines and create or login to the full Zinio website.


Now you are all set to browse for magazines of interest and you can click on any issue which you'd like to read.


Once you check out your first magazine, you will need to login or click on the "Create a Zinio account" in order to store the magazine in your library on the full Zinio site.  You should use the same email and password as your BCPL Zinio account to avoid confusion.

Step 3:  Read magazines


You can click on the "Your Library" link to read your magazines right through your web browser or you can download the app for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC/Mac, or Win 8 devices so that the magazine can be downloaded and read offline.  


Zinio magazines cannot be read directly on Kindles or Nooks without the Zinio app.


* Customers whose library cards were not initially issued by BCPL will need to register in a BCPL branch or send us an email to ask for assistance.




Last revised: November 25, 2014