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Teenage Tartare

posted by: October 2, 2012 - 8:01am

ShadowsFlesh & BoneThe InfectsThere's no escaping them. Fast or slow, dead or alive, zombies and zombie-like cannibals are everywhere right now. From The Walking Dead to ParaNorman, their bloody, shuffling antics entertain and disgust us in equal measures. Or not. For some people, the only good zombie is a zombie they don't have to think about, and for those people, here's a handy guide to Teen Books to Avoid. But if you or a teenager you love can't get enough of the hungry dead and their gross-out antics, here's grist for that mill:


Shadows, the sequel to Ilsa J. Bick's marvelous wilderness apocalypse novel Ashes, takes up immediately where Ashes ends. All teenage Alex had wanted was peaceful camping trip alone with her thoughts after the tragic death of her parents, but when a brilliant light bloomed on the horizon and most of the adults fell down dead and the other teenagers turned into silent, bloodthirsty monsters, well, let's just say it was a good thing she brought her father's Glock in her backpack. Ashes and Shadows should be read back-to-back - there's no time for recaps as Alex flees the fundamentalist sect that has taken her in only to fall directly into the hands of...


Zombies! Ever since they escaped the mayhem of First Night, when the dead suddenly began to rise, and bite people, and make more zombies, Benny and his big brother Daniel have lived in a small town surrounded by a big fence. Life within the fence is good, but rather strict. When Daniel agrees to take Benny on as an apprentice zombie killer, Benny imagines he is in for a life of adventure, but the truth turns out to be not quite what he had expected. Fast-paced and tightly plotted, Jonathan Maberry's Rot & Ruin is like a classic Old West gunslinger novel set in a beautifully imagined post-apocalyptic America. First in a trilogy, the sequels are Dust & Decay and the recently released Flesh & Bone.


The Infects is prose stylist Sean Beaudoin's entry into the teen cannibal catastrophe sweepstakes. Loaded with pop culture references and sarcasm, this book is fast and freaky and lots of fun. Seventeen-year-old Nero was already having a bad week, sentenced to an Outward Bound-type trip for juvenile delinquents, when all of a sudden everybody but the bad boys on the bus falls victim to a virus that causes zombie-like behavior, i.e. lurching, drooling, and lusting after human flesh. You'll never look at fast-food chicken the same way again. 


Bone appétit!


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