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More than Meets the Eye

posted by: September 4, 2012 - 8:30am

SeraphinaSeraphina is a quiet, lonely teenager, a gifted musician, and the keeper of a dangerous secret. She works in the palace as an assistant to the court composer and teaches music lessons to the Princess, all the while keeping her true identity hidden. Seraphina is part dragon. Rachel Hartman’s novel Seraphina is a richly-detailed and cleverly written fantasy that brings new life to these mythical creatures. Hartman’s dragons are coldly intellectual, mathematically brilliant, but most strikingly, they are able to take on human form.


In the land of Goredd, there is a deep-seated distrust between the humans and the dragon community. The tenuous truce they share is threatened when Prince Rufus is murdered in a very dragon-like manner, his body found decapitated. The rising tensions make for a volatile atmosphere leading up to the celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty. And right in the middle of the political intrigue, the heated encounters between the dragons and humans, is Seraphina. She teams up with Prince Kiggs, the Captain of the Guard, in an attempt to discover who is trying to sabotage the peace agreement and restart the war.


This debut novel made the New York Times bestseller list in its first week of release. Seraphina has been praised by popular fantasy writers and notable dragon experts Tamora Pierce and Christopher Paolini. Experience the well-rounded characters, the intricate plot, the raw emotions, and fall under its spell.


Revised: September 6, 2012