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The Cockeysville Homemakers Club and the Cockeysville Improvement Society conducted a community drive that saw volunteer workers raise funds as well as solicit and collect donations of books to open a library. On May 5, 1947, a library was established in temporary quarters on the second floor of the Tyrie Building on York Road, just north of the former underpass.


The books were cradled in home-made shelves. Cockeysville had its own Board, and operated at first exclusively with volunteers from the Homemakers Club, directed by Mrs. Marion Williams from the Towson Library. It operated without county financial aid.


On February 15, 1948, the library moved to a room on the ground floor in the rear of the Modern Equipment Building across the street from the original building. Initially the library was run by volunteers directed by staff from the Towson Library. Eventually, sufficient funds were raised by the Homemakers and others in the community to pay for a local librarian. Miss Helen Howard took over the duties of librarian in July, but when she returned to Goucher in the fall she gave up the position. She was replaced by Mrs. William Siedell.


Public funds in the amount of $873 were administered through the Towson Library in 1948. In December 1949, the moved from the fringe of the village of Cockeysville to larger and more central quarters in the former Zink residence, a small house located near a drugstore and the Cockeysville School on York Road. In 1961, construction of a Cockeysville Branch was underway across from the police station. This was the first library building built in Baltimore County according to library specifications.


In August 1961, the Cockeysville Branch opened in a leased building containing 3,000 square feet of floor space at 10757 York Road, about 300 yards north of the former location. In 1967 these quarters were remodeled and expanded, reopening in late January of 1968 as an 11,000 square foot facility. As circulation increased and the library was notified that the lease would not be renewed, the move to a bigger building became inevitable.


A bond issue appeared on the 1978 ballot. A two-acre site on the grounds of the old County Home was given to the Baltimore County Public Library for a new branch. The branch opened at its present location on February 16, 1982 and was one of the first libraries in the nation featuring open-face bookstore display shelving for books and neon signage to guide people to the material they want. The branch began an extensive renovation and expansion in October 2009.



Revised: July 13, 2015